Art Sketch Interior Design will offer a complete design and build services in line with your business strategy

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Art Sketch Interior Design will offer a complete design and build services in line with your business strategy. The earlier we are able to understand and work on your brief, the more value we will be able to add to your project. We differentiate ourselves in the market by delivering not only intelligent design solutions but also constructing to the highest quality through the use of established, trusted and reliable partners. This may include specialist sub-consultants, sub-contractors, furniture manufacturers/suppliers or third party professionals.مشروع-جديد-90-1.webp


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Our Services:

1.Feasibility and Site Evaluation

Due to our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market in the KSA, we are able to advise you on the suitability of shortlisted locations and buildings as performing a Feasibility and Site Evaluation exercise at this stage avoids surprises further down the line during the design and construction stages. This would typically include the following:

  • Architectural Site Survey
  • MEP Due Diligence Survey (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing).
  • Space budgets, construction planning.مشروع-جديد-93-1.webp
2.Design and Build

Depending on the scope of works which you require wither it is (Medical facilities, Metal Structural, Architectural, interior, furnishing & decoration finishing works, Landscaping, MEP, Security Systems…etc), we are able to provide project management services for our own designed projects or your consultant designed projects and can therefore offer you a full build solution.

3.Interior Design Consultancy and Implementation

Interior Design services relate to the physical design of your project wither it is residential, commercial or hospitality project. In addition to workplace consultancy, this includes aspects such as:

  • Concept design
  • Materials and finishes
  • Detailed architectural and mechanical/electrical design
  • FF&E specification and procurement (Furniture, Fittings & Equipment – as part of the overall design scope of works).
  • 3D Rendering.

Our designers carefully select furniture solutions which suit their designs in line with your brief. We handle the whole procurement process on your behalf to ensure products are delivered on time and according to specification.

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About Us

Art Sketch Interior Design LLC was established in 2012 in Dubai, Our main scope is mainly Construction Projects Management/ General Contracting design and implementation such as interior decoration, joinery, MEP, exterior, fit out and landscaping works.

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